Sunday, 1 April 2012

Heffron Electorate Nomination for Women's Honour Roll: Clover Moore

30 March 2012: Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally today nominated Heffron resident Clover Moore to receive recognition as part of the NSW Government's Women's Honour Roll.

Under the Women's Honour Roll program, introduced by Minister for Women Pru Goward, local members are invited to nominate a woman from their electorate who had made a significant contribution to the local community.

"A resident of the Heffron electorate, Clover Moore MP has won the confidence of voters to represent them simultaneously at state and local level since 2004," Ms Keneally said.
Clover Moore is the first elected female Lord Mayor of Sydney.  The majority of the Heffron electorate is within the City of Sydney boundaries.  She was elected to South Sydney Council in 1980, and to the NSW Parliament in 1988.  At various times, through electoral boundary changes, Clover has represented portions of what is now the state seat of Heffron.
"Though Clover and I are opponents politically, and often disagree, I cannot but admire her success as a female politician. She started her political career at a time when women rarely held high political office - when Clover was first elected to Council, NSW had not even yet had its first female cabinet minister," Ms Keneally said.

"Clover's election as the first female Lord Mayor of Sydney, and her success at winning the confidence of voters to represent them simultaneously at state and local level is a significant achievement, and worthy of acknowledgement on the Women's Honour Roll."

"Clover’s work as a MP and Lord Mayor to improve community safety has resulted in many upgrades to parks and community facilities in South Sydney," Ms Keneally said.

"Clover's efforts to address the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction has changed how government services are delivered to vulnerable people in the inner city.   Her voice on behalf of the gay & lesbian community, which has a strong presence in the inner city, has championed significant changes to create equality in our legal system."
Ms Keneally also noted that Ms Moore established the Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP Salary Trust to support the City's most disadvantaged people and promote animal welfare. As at December 2011, the Trust had donated $1.1 million to inner city charities.

Ms Keneally said the fact that she had campaigned against Ms Moore in the past - and would support Labor candidates against Ms Moore in the future - demonstrated that her nomination of Ms Moore to the Women's Honour Roll stood above politics.

"Clover Moore is a game-changing female politician, and her unique position of earning the support of voters over many years in simultaneous state and local roles, deserves acknowledgment as a great contribution. "

Ms Moore said she was honoured to have been nominated.

“I thank Kristina for this nomination and hope it inspires other women to think about representing their communities. I first entered politics as a young mother with two small children and know just how hard it is to juggle competing demands. I’ve also seen how one person can start the process of change to improve their community and that’s a really powerful reason to be in politics.”

The nominees for the Women's Honour Roll will receive a certificate from the NSW Government.


  1. Lucy Turnbull was the first female Lord Mayor of Sydney.

  2. As stated in Ms Keneally's citation, Ms Moore was Sydney's first ELECTED female Lord Mayor. Ms Turnbull preceded her but became Lord Mayor on the resignation of the then Lord Mayor, Frank Sartor without being popularly elected.

    Also Sydney under Ms Moore had been re-merged with South Sydney.

    Richard Moore (unrelated)